PromoCell - Human Primary & Stem Cells

Order Human Primary & Stem Cells,get a Specific Cell Culture Media FOR FREE. Read more.

NucleoSpin® RNA Plus & RNA Plus XS. Promotion!

RNA Promotion! gDNA removal column and a novel lysis buffer without ß-mercaptho-ethanol or TCEP. Read more.

PromoCell HUVEC Promotion

HUVEC Cells and Media - promotion. Read more.

New products

FectoCHO™ Expression System

Outstanding protein production yields in various CHO cells. Read more.

4titude Flat Bottom PCR Plates

Ultimate flexibility for PCR, microscopy and small volume sample storage. Read more.

TubeMarker™ 2

Designed to directly print text, linear barcodes, 2D codes and graphics on tubes using patent pending Thermal Pixel Printing technology. Read more.


Nippon Genetics: Fluorescent Protein Detection

Read more.

Evaluation of the effect of the cell cryopreservation medium Bambanker hRM® on iPS cells cryopreserved in StemFit® Basic02


MN RNA Purification quide: tailored solutions for various RNA extractions

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