FrameStar® 96 Well Skirted low profile PCR Plate

PROMOTION! Compatible with Bio-Rad CFX96™/C1000 Touch™/S1000™. Read more.

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NEW! Midori Green Xtra. Ultra-sensitive DNA stain

High Efficiency - Almost no background. Safe alternative to ethidium bromide. Read more.

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4titude Flat Bottom PCR Plates

Ultimate flexibility for PCR, microscopy and small volume sample storage. Read more.

Pipette Checkit

Verify pipette accuracy in seconds. Download brochure. Read more.


Preamplification with dUTP and Cod UNG Enables Elimination of Contaminating Amplicons

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Nippon Genetics: Fluorescent Protein Detection

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Evaluation of the effect of the cell cryopreservation medium Bambanker hRM® on iPS cells cryopreserved in StemFit® Basic02


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