Pipette Checkit®

New! Determine your pipette's accuracy in seconds. Read more. Download brochure.

Macherey-Nagel - Plasmid Purification Promotion

From molecular biology-grade to endotoxin-free quality. Read more. Download brochure.

FastGene Protein Markers

BlueStar and BlueStar PLUS triple coloured prestained protein ladders. Read more. Donwload brochure.

New products

Speed up your DNA preparations

The fastest DNA isolation kit on the market, NucleoSpin® DNA RapidLyse. Read more.

TargetMol - A Drug Screening Expert

Compound Libraries. Inhibitors, Libraries, Natural Compounds. Read more.

MIC - Magnetic Induction Cycler for qPCR

The world's first Magnetic Induction Cycler: Fast, accurate and compact. Read more.


A rapid and easy protocol for quantification of Illumina -NGS libraries

Read more.

Nature Protocols - NucleoBond Xtra EF for CRISPR/Cas9

Read more.

CRISPR/Cas9-mediated gene disruption using jetPRIME®

Read more.

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