Macherey-Nagel - RNA Promotion

Tailormade RNA purification solutions for different starting materials. Lue lisää.

Promocell HUVEC kamppanja

HUVEC solut ja mediumit  - tarjous. Lataa esite.



RNP transfection reagent for genome editing. Lue lisää.

NucleoBond® RNA Soil

RNA puri cation from soil samples for metagenomic analysis. Lue lisää.

Speed up your DNA preparations

The fastest DNA isolation kit on the market, NucleoSpin® DNA RapidLyse. Lue lisää. Lataa esite.


PromoCell: Antibiotics in Cell Culture: Friend or Enemy?

Lue lisää.

FrameStar® two-component technology reduces evaporation from PCR plates

Lue lisää.

NucleoSpin RNA Plus: Analysis of chromosomal aberrations and recombination by allelic bias in RNA-Seq

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