City-Lab Theme weeks, Spring 2021
- Biotop brochures and links:

MARCH 2021

Homogenization and purification of samples:

Biotop - MN Purification (leaflet)
- Macherey-Nagel Selection guide
- Macherey-Nagel Catalogue

Biotop - Homogenization (leaflet)
- Macherey-Nagel Hard-to-lyse Samples Guide

Biotop - SmartBuffers (leaflet)
- SmartBuffers (video)
- Selection Table for SmartBuffers




Biotop - PCR Plastics and seals (leaflet)
- 4titude / Brooks PCR Plates and Sealing Catalogue

Biotop - PCR Cyclers (leaflet)

Biotop - PCR/qPCR reagents (leaflet)
- SensiFAST qPCR Guide including compatibility table
- Bioline PCR Enzyme Guide including compatibility table

Biotop - NGS Products (leaflet)

Biotop - CryoStorage (leaflet)


City-Lab Theme weeks, Spring 2021
- Biotop brochures and links:

APRIL 2021

Biotop - Gel Documentation & Midori (leaflet)
- LED Gel Documentation selection guide
- Midori Green Xtra comparison

Biotop - Western Blot & Protein electrophoresis (leaflet)
- Fastgene Precast gels comparison data
- BlotBot® Automated Blot Processor video

Biotop - Antibodies, Cytokinen & Growth Factors (leaflet)


MAY 2021

Biotop - CellCulture (leaflet)

Biotop - CryoStorage (leaflet)

Biotop - Chromatography (leaflet)

Biotop - Microscopy, fluoresescence, luminescence (leaflet)


JUNE 2021

Biotop - Checkit Go and Checkit PRO. Verify robot or pipette accuracy in seconds. Read more.

Myra Liquid Handling System. Outstanding pipetting precision and accuracy in a compact size. Read more.

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