Cell biology

Cell Biology offers products for cell culture, transfection and cell biology. For example wide range of human primary cells and medias, cell freezing media and containers and reagents for efficient and sensitive transfection.


Products for cell culture from PromoCell - everything you need for Cancer Cell Culture, Human Primary Cell Culture and Human Stem & Blood Cell Culture.

Biowest offers wide range of sera and media for cell culture, including bovine sera of different geographical origins.

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Cancer Cell CultureHuman Primary Cell CultureHuman Stem & Blood Cell CultureCell Culture Media for Stem Cells and iPS CellsCell IsolationSerum & BSACell Freezing MediumCell Freezing ContainersConsumables and Reagents for Cell Culture



A wide range of proven products for cell biology research. Kits and reagents for cell analysis, cell proliferation, fluorescent staining and labeling. Also kits for mitochondrial analysis and autophagy.

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Cell Biology Research KitsAntibodies & ELISA KitsCell Biology AccessoriesBioguard - Disinfectant solutions



jetOptimus   INTERFERin   jetPEI


Transfection reagents for wide of range cell types, primary, stem and cancer cell lines.


jetOPTIMUS® - Best-in-class DNA transfection reagent. Reach maximal gene expression in hard-to-transfect cells - primary and stem cells & cancer cell lines. Excellent cell viability & morphology.

jetPRIME® - Versatile DNA/siRNA transfection reagent. High DNA transfection efficiency. Superior cell viability.

INTERFERin® - siRNA, miRNA and other oligonucleotides. Great silencing using as little as 1 nM siRNA. Over 90% gene silencing in a wide variety of cells.

jetMESSENGER® - mRNA transfection reagent for hard to transfect cells. Extremely gentle on cells. Perfectly suited for CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing, iPS generation, stem cell differentiation and immunotherapy assays.

PEIpro® - Large-scale virus Production. Optimized PEI-based transfection reagent for scalable virus production.

jetPEI® - DNA transfection, HTS application. Well-suited for adherent and suspension cells.