Quantitative PCR

NEW! Liquid Biopsy – transforming cancer detection.
Liquid biopsies enable cancer testing from non-invasive clinical samples.

Fast qPCR & 2-Step RT-PCR

For SYBR® Green and Probe assays - Ultra-sensitive and specific kits for a fast, broad dynamic range and highly reproducible qPCR.
Instrument compatibilty chart here.

cDNA Synthesis

Sensitive & Fast. Starting from 1 pg total RNA & run time 30 min. Highly sensitive 1st strand synthesis with unbiased and robust efficiency leading to enhanced reproducibility and data accuracy.

Fast 1-Step RT-qPCR


SensiFAST qPCR Guide. Read here.


End‐point PCR


Robust PCR

MyTaq™ HS Red Mix - Routine & robust Hot-Start PCR
A versatile PCR mix with antibody-mediated Hot-Start, specifically designed for highly-specific and robust PCR. Ready-to-use 2x Mix contains ultra-pure dNTPs and red dye, allowing direct gel load!

Standard PCR

High-Fidelity PCR

Direct PCR

Fast PCR




PCR Selection Chart  Select the best reagent for your research.

Next Generation Sequencing


JetSeq™ NGS Kits. Read more.

NGS Selection Chart

  • NEW! SimpliFi HS Mix - A high-fidelity polymerase mix using aptamer-based hot-start technology.


A’SAP™ PCR Clean-up kit.

A’SAP is a quick, easy and reliable enzymatic cleanup reagent for PCR product cleanup. Read more.


NucleoMag® NGS Clean-up and Size Select

Magnetic-bead based clean-up and size selection of NGS library preparation reactions. Read more.


FastGene MagnaStand

FastGene® MagnaStand’s very strong neodymium magnets creat a pellet at the side walls rather than at the bottom:
Very quick separation of magnetic beads from the solution. Stable pellet even when resuspending. Read more.


Azenta (4titude) plates and seals for Next Generation Sequencing workflow

Ultra Low Binding Plates - Now Available - Low Binding Plates with Ultra-Low DNA Binding Properties. Read more.

96 Deep Well Storage Microplate - Perfect fit to magnetic separators. Read more.