Off-the-shelf products, including PCR plates / strips, sealing materials including adhesive and heat sealing.

96 & 384 well PCR Plates

FrameStar® PCR and qPCR Plates

Two-component PCR Plates - polypropylene tubes with a rigid polycarbonate frame. Two-component technology reduces evaporation from PCR plates, improving your results and allowing you to reduce the volume of expensive reagents to save you money. Specific FrameStar® versions designed for all qPCR Instruments available - with clear, white, optical or black wells. Read more.

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Instrument Compatibility Table.


Standard PCR & qPCR Plates

Plates include non-skirted, semi-skirted, and fully skirted plates, available in clear or white (for qPCR techniques), with additional colours for non-skirted plates available. Read more.

PCR Tubes & Strips

4titude offers both two-component PCR tube strips (Framestrips) and standard PCR tube strips.


Nippon Genetics offers FastGene tubes and strips.

  • Single Tubes with flat or domed caps. Read more.
  • 8-well PCR Tube Strips with/without flat or domed caps. Read more.

Adhesive Seals

PCR & qPCR Seals
4titude® offers the widest range of adhesive sealing solutions available on the market.
Properties offered include peelability, pierceability, gas permeability, optical clarity, temperature stability and solvent resistance. Read more.

Heat Seals & Heat Sealing

Heat sealing is the gold standard method of plate and tube sealing. It prevents sample loss and maximises sample security, by facilitating a 100% complete seal and preventing evaporation, leakage and contamination. Our Heat Seal Range, read more.


Heat Sealing Instruments:

The application of heat seals is much faster than when using caps or adhesive seals. Typical sealing times are around 2.5 seconds, depending on throughput and the use of a semi-automatic heat sealer, such as the 4titude® 4s3™ Semi-Automatic Sheet Heat Sealer, or a fully automatic roll heat sealer, such as the 4titude a4S Automatic Roll Heat Sealer.