Protein Purification

Protein Purification products from MACHEREY-NAGEL

Protein purificationHis-tag purification - Protino® Ni-NTA
Save money without making compromises.
Highest performance equivalent to market-leading Ni-NTA products: Simply replace your current Ni-NTA agarose, neither optimization nor protocol change. High capacity and high affinity. Ready-to-use resin/columns for any application. Read more.

GST-tag purification - Protino® Gluthathione Agarose 4B
Just copy and paste your procedure – no protocol change.
Universal usage – suitable for small, large proteins, and even low expressed proteins. Any application possible. Read more.


emp Biotech - Fine Chemicals for Molecular Biology

Wide variety of innovative products and services for labeling, purification and modification techniques, including fine chemicals, kits for labeling and purification, coupling reagents, and chemical modification services. Read more.

Protein Electrophoresis

Precast Protein Gel   Protein Electrophoresis system    Prestained Protein Marker


FastGene® Precast Protein Gels
FastGene® Precast Protein Gels are available in a variety of homogenous and gradient gels in different sizes. The gels are compatible with different common protein electrophoresis gel tanks like from Invitrogen, Bio-Rad and our FastGene® Electrophoresis Unit. Read more.

FastGene® Protein Electrophoresis System
The ease of use as well as the robustness of this chamber allows reproducible separation of proteins in a minimum of time. Read more.

BlueStar Prestained Protein Marker (500 µl)
The FastGene® triple coloured prestained protein ladders have prestained proteins covering a wide range molecular weights. Read more.

FastGene® Q-Stain – Protein staining like Coomassie Blue but simpler and faster. Read more.

Smart Buffers

SDSTablets or powder - JUST ADD WATER
Less plastic waste, lower electricity usage for storage and reduction in transportation.

IMAC Phosphate & Elution Buffer Tablets. Read more.
Tris-Glycine-SDS (TG-SDS) Buffer pH 8.3. Read more.