Cancer Cell Culture

Cancer Culture system kitPromoCell cancer cell culture portfolio provides innovative solutions for the isolation and culture of primary tumor cells as well as established cancer cell lines. The serum-free and xeno-free formulation of cancer cell culture media allow for an optimally adapted and highly standardized environment for 3D spheroids and 2D adherent monolayers.


3D Tumorsphere Medium XF

Cancer Cell Line Medium XF

NCCD Reagent

Primary Cancer Culture System


Human Primary Cell Culture

Everything you need to cultivate human primary cells – from defined media optimized to enhance cell growth, to high quality human primary cells. Our cells cover a broad spectrum of tissue types for various research endeavors. Read more

Human Primary Cell culture


Chondrocyte Cell Culture
Endothelial Cell Culture
Epithelial Cell Culture
Fibroblast Cell Culture
Follicle Dermal Papilla Cell Culture
Keratinocyte Cell Culture
Melanocyte Cell Culture
Myocyte Cell Culture
Osteoblast Cell Culture
Pericyte Cell Culture
Preadipocyte Cell Culture


Supplements and reagents

Recommended Media for Endothelial Cells

PromoCell Growth Media Components

Human Stem & Blood Cell Culture

There are thousands of research applications for human stem cells and blood cells. We offer a large range of adult stem cells and differentiated blood cells, as well as media that mimic the in vivo environment or stimulate cell differentiation. Read more.

Human Stem and Blood Cell


Dendritic Cell Culture
Hematopoietic Stem Cell Culture
Macrophage Cell Culture
Mesenchymal Stem Cell Culture
Monocyte Cell Culture
Mononuclear Cell Culture

Cell Culture Media for Stem Cells and iPS Cells

StemFitStemFit® medium was developed to produce reliable and well-defined growth conditions for human stem cells. The cultivation of stem cells using StemFit® results in a very reproducible growth rate.
No animal- and human-derived components.

StemFit Basic03. Clinical grade.
Media for embryonic stem cells and iPS cells. Save more than 50% of the media during cell cultivation.

StemFit Basic04 Complete Type
Media for embryonic stem cells and iPS cells. bFGF included – no additional supplement needed.



Serum & BSA

FBSBiowest offers wide range of sera and media for cell culture, including bovine sera of different geographical origins.

Each manufactured batch is traceable and rigorously controlled: starting with the collection of the serum, its treatment and production, to the final packaging on our premises. Read more.

FBS Premium
Biowest Fetal Bovine Serum, Premium is a selection of best serum batches, selected on excellent values of Endotoxin, Hemoglobin, and Cell growth. Read more.



Also available:

Cell Freezing Medium

Nippon Genetics supplies freezing medias for safe storage of sensitive cell lines.



Bambanker™ Freezing Media.

Bambanker™. For all cell lines. Patented formula for higher cell survival rates.

Bambanker™ hRM. No animal components, for iPSCs and ESCs.

Bambanker™ DMSO Free. For most sensitive cells - DMSO-free Media.

Bambanker™ Direct. For Hybridoma Cells. Serum free freezing media for long storage of cells.


The JCRB cell bank stores over 1,400 different cell lines with great success with Bambanker freezing media. View here.

Cell Freezing Containers

CoolCell Cell freezing container

Biocision offers wide selection of products for sample handling and cryopreservation such as cell freezing containers and hinged cryoboxes.

CoolCell® Cell Freezing Containers ensure standardized and controlled -1℃/minute cell freezing in a -80℃ freezer without alcohol or any fluids. Proven for use with a variety of cell types including stem cells, primary cells and cell lines.


Aspirator PenThe Misvik Biology® Aspirator Pen is a universal fit handpiece for use with standard laboratory vacuum systems for safe and easy aspiration of cell culture medium and other liquids from cell culture dishes, flasks, multiwell plates and other vessels in context of general laboratory work. The Aspirator Pen includes a single channel pipette tip adapter designed to fit both disposable plastic pipette tips (300-1000µl range) and glass Pasteur pipettes.






TruCool® Hinged Cryoboxes for easy and convenient tube storage. Patented hinged lid ensures lid and base stay together at all times. Easy to open -even when frozen. Six bright colors.


LabTags™ labels are convenient and easy to use pre-cut labels manufactured from chemically resistant material. Available in 9 different sizes, each in white and most in colour option.