Transfection reagents for wide of range cell types, primary, stem and cancer cell lines.


  • jetOPTIMUS® - Best-in-class DNA transfection reagent
  • jetPRIME® - Versatile DNA/siRNA transfection reagent
  • INTERFERin® - siRNA, miRNA and other oligonucleotides
  • jetMESSENGER® - mRNA transfection reagent for hard to transfect cells
  • jetCRISPR™ - RNP transfection reagent for genome editing
  • PEIpro® Product Range - Scalable viral vector production for Gene & Cell therapy
  • jetPEI® - DNA transfection, HTS application

Gene Expression

Plasmid DNA & mRNA transfection. Genome editing. Cell-specific DNA reagents.

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Genome Editing

Delivery of gRNA and Cas9 for all systems.

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RNA interference

Transfection of siRNA, miRNA or other oligonucleotides.

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Protein Production

Large scale TGE, high protein yields.

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Virus Production

Large scale virus production, clinical batches production, AAV, lentivirus.

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in vivo delivery

in vivo delivery of nucleid acids in various tissues of different animal models.

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Reagents for preclinical and clinical trials in human. Therapeutics oligonucleotides.

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