Pipette verification

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NEW! Checkit® Go. Verify robot or pipette accuracy in seconds.
Instantly checks accuracy of liquid handling robots and multi-channel pipettes.
Fast & Convenient - verify up to 8 channels in seconds.
Accurate - directly measures liquid volume.


Pipette Checkit™. Verify pipette accuracy in seconds!
Evaluate the accuracy of your pipettes in seconds with our convenient Pipette Checkit® cartridges.
Low-cost, fast, and easy to use.
Available for various size pipettes.

Cell Freezing Containers

CoolCell Cell freezing container  Cryoboxes  cryopod carrier  cryopod carrier


CoolCell® Cell Freezing Containers
CoolCell® Cell Freezing Container: alcohol-free cell freezing containers ensure standardized controlled rate -1oC/minute cell freezing in a -80oC freezer - without alcohol or any fluids. Proven for use with a variety of cell types including stem cells, primary cells, PBMC cell lines, insect cells, yeast and others.

TruCool® Hinged CryoBoxes
Patented hinged lid offers convenience and archival integrity, ensuring markings and vials remain in sync. Lid stays attached to base minimizing risk of separation and lid contamination. Lid is easy to open when frozen.

CryoPod™ Carrier - Safe, secure liquid nitrogen transport
Safe, secure liquid nitrogen transport. The CryoPod™ Carrier is a truly safe, portable and trackable device for handling samples below -150ºC.

LabTags™ Labels



Convenient and easy to use pre-cut labels manufactured from a chemically resistant material. Available in 9 different sizes, each in white and most with colour options.
The durable labels are suitable for use in a water bath, thermal cycler, centrifuge, vortexer or shaker and autoclave. LabTags™ will withstand boiling and freezing without peeling. Read more.

Storage Plates

96 & 384 Deep Well Storage Plates
Low biomolecular binding characteristics, a high temperature tolerance and resistance to many standard laboratory chemicals, including DMSO.
Round wells are suitable for most applications as they reduce droplet effects and wicking.Square wells ensure the best use of space and improve sample mixing particularly when used for bacterial culture growth.

Microplate & Storage Plate Silicone Sealing Mats for storage plates and microplates, reduced sample evaporation, suitable for high-temperature storage.



CappOrigami™ Reagent Reservoirs. Fold, pour and pipette!

V-shape ensures full usage of all reagents. Flick-up design saves storage space.
CappOrigami™ is a reagent reservoir for multichannel pipettes. Simply flick it up by pushing the sides together. The unique construction of CappOrigami™ will form a V-shape container, which makes pipetting easier and enables picking up the very last drops of the reagent.